Bike ride from Colwyn Bay to Rhyl (and back)

Because we were supposed to be in Hospital with Martha Grace this weekend, the rota in work had already been done and I didn't work my usual Sunday shift. I rarely have a Sunday off so there no way I was prepared to waste this one at home watching Friends all day (though that is how I love to spend my days)

I used my iPhone weather app to see where was meant to have the nicest weather that day, the Llyn Peninsula was predicted rain but the western stretch of the North Wales coast was mean to be dry all day so I looked online for things to do in the Llandudno/ Colwyn Bay area and found a company which hire bikes with kids trailers.

We had a great time when we went cycling at Llyn Brenig a few weeks ago, this time I sent my Mam a text to see if they would like to join us - I know she enjoyed the bike rides while we were at Center Parcs.

We arranged to meet GogCogs at Porth Eirias and hired the bikes for the afternoon (3.5hrs). We left Colwyn Bay at 1:30pm and followed the cycle lane all the way to Rhyl Harbour. We had no idea how long we'd been on our bikes for but after checking Google Maps - we'd done over 10 miles...and boy did my legs know it.

It looked to me like they've been doing a lot of work at Rhyl Harbour, there's a lovely cafe there which was just what we all needed before heading back to Porth Eirias.

I love taking a flask for tea so after we returned our bikes we took the girls to the play area at Porth Eirias and I made everyone a well deserved panad. The girls had been couped up inside the trailer for the afternoon so they needed to have a little run around and burn off some energy. My legs felt like jelly and every step I took hurt, I can't believe we rode almost 20 miles in 3.5 hrs.

We stopped for a KFC in Llandudno Junction on our way home because I knew I wouldn't be bothered cooking when we got home.

Considering we didn't have any plans when we got up on Sunday morning, we had a fab day in the end. I want to go in the opposite direction towards Llandudno Pier next time but we'll have to wait until summer to go again - although we were warm because we cycling, poor Martha's cheeks and lips were purple because we hadn't realised it was quite chilly.

I'm also on the lookout for more places that hire bikes with trailers and have nice cycle routes, if you know of any then please let me know.


ps. I was too busy riding the bike to take photo's...that's why there aren't that many.

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