August Bank Holiday 2015

When we woke up on Monday morning we didn't have a plan for our Bank Holiday Monday. I'd been keeping an eye on the iPhone weather app for everywhere (yes, everywhere) and on Sunday the only places having nice weather was Barmouth - but by Monday the Llyn Peninsula was meant to be sunny all day long.

Mark went out on his Bike after breakfast so we decided that we would have lunch at home and then head down to Pwllheli for the afternoon and take the girls to the fair (Osh is with his dad this weekend)

The fair at Pwllheli isn't very big, but it's really cheap as the rides are all £1 each. It's ideal for kids of our girl's age because they can go on all the rides.

The first ride they went on was the little train; I love the smile on Martha's face here - she look so happy.
Me and my littlest Girl.

Daddy and Martha - Martha looks drunk here.
Poor Daddy had to go on this ride twice, but look at his smile - he is having so much fun!
I went on this ride with Isabella, it went round and round in circles at quite a bit of speed. I really don't know how Isabella wasn't sick afterwards.
She kept crashing in to the sides and to the other parked Postman Pat vans - I think Mark is dreading the days where he has to teach her to drive.
We stopped at Cadwaladr's for an Ice Cream. I had Raspberry Ripple, Mark had Sticky Toffee Pudding and the girls wanted "Banilla" (vanilla)
After taking a walk along the high street and browsing in some of the shops in Pwllheli, we headed for The Bryncynnan in Nefyn for our dinner. They have a fab play area outside and as it was still quite warm we let the girls have a run around here for a bit after dinner (that they didn't eat - because as Martha said "I've had enough")
I'd packed a Flask, Tea Bags, Milk and Biscuits so before we headed home we stopped off at the Beach in Nefyn for a panad. Mark hates the beach as he hates the feel and sound of sand. The girls love it. Mark couldn't even hold their hands because the feeling of sand between his skin and the girls freaks him out. But the girls had fun playing in the sand and I got to enjoy a panad on the beach. Daddy wrote our names in the sand and ran off with the camera to take a picture of his work of art.

I was only saying to Mark earlier though that since we got the new Camera he's a lot for forthcoming when it comes to taking photo's of our day's out, you'll notice that I've actually appeared in pictures of our day out for a change.

So considering we didn't have a plan for our Bank Holiday - we've had a lovely day today. I wish Osh was with us but we have him for the next two weekends now, so we'll get to go somewhere with him again.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too.


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