Some news!

We should have caught the 07:22 train from Bangor to Euston today. We had an appointment at Great Ormond Street with Dr Ian Sullivan at 11:15.

But we're still at home. The appointment was cancelled.

As I stood in the Kitchen baking Martha's Birthday cake on Friday (the day before her Birthday) - the house phone rang.

The woman on the other end of the line asked if she was "speaking to Martha's mum"

My stomach wound up in knots - I knew what was coming. Emily was calling me from the Cardiac booking office and she was phoning me to make arrangements for Martha's admission.

So we have our date.

She'll have a CT scan and ECHO performed under General Anesthetic on the day we arrive in London and she's the first on the Theatre list for the following morning, her Surgeon will be Dr Victor Tsang.

So we have three weeks to enjoy a "normal" life and make some last minute memory's before we are once again thrown in to the world of Hospitals and Intensive Care and basically willing our little girl to pull through Open Heart Surgery number 4.

Once again I ask for your prayers and thank you in advance for your support.


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