Siblings || August 2015

Official Siblings photo 

I'm sat in the lounge; Mark is on the PS4, Osh is with his dad for the night, Isabella is fast asleep in bed and Martha Grace is now asleep on the sofa because she was crying in bed for her Mammi.

Today has been a really tough day, the girls were really tough to cope with this morning, I had a lot of work to catch up with after missing e-mails etc yesterday and I had an issue with my other blog that I was freaking out about. If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed an increase in moany tweets from me on Wednesday.

I'm working late for the rest of the week now, and I decided that because I've missed so many "Siblings" posts recently that I would make an effort to participate in August - therefore I'm getting this post ready tonight I've just uploaded the pictures from yesterday (Tuesday) from my camera and I'm in a much better mood now. We went down to Tywyn to take a ride on the Talyllyn Railway

It was a 2hr drive along the winding Welsh A-roads. For some reason Osh and Isabella don't travel well anymore and they were both a bit green looking once we passed Porthmadog (don't worry, we had a sick bucket and plenty of towels with us) but I settled them down to sleep for the last hour of the journey there - disaster averted.

As soon as the train left Tywyn Wharf Isabella was asking for her picnic, the journey up to Nant Gwernol was a little over an hour and the three of them were so well behaved. We stopped off at the Cafe at Abergynolwyn and while we waited for the train back down to Tywyn Wharf I had a little time to take some pictures of the kids. As soon as I'd taken the first photo I just knew it would be my "Siblings" picture for this month.

These three; my beautiful boy and girls are what matters. Their happiness. I don't know how their life is going to look at the end of the summer holidays, I can't look that far ahead because I'm too scared to. But while we are all together - while I can still take them for days out and picnics then I will. I need to stop worrying about the trivial stuff, stop letting the mounting housework worry me...because they will all still be there when we get back from Great Ormond Street!


dear beautiful

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