Playday 2015 at Eirias Park

I'd started writing this post a couple of nights ago; I'd gone on about how I thought it was a shame there wasn't anyone there selling food (like a burger van - they'd have made a fortune there) and how at some stalls there didn't seem to be anyone manning the station so it was difficult to tell what the kids were meant to be doing.

But looking back now, the kids had a great afternoon out! 

It was in a lovely spot (Park Eirias, Colwyn Bay) and the weather stayed dry while we were there. We could let Martha Grace out of her pram and she could join in with Osh and Isabella playing...we'll just pretend she didn't trip over and knock her head on a rock!

We stopped at one section where there were (by the time we got there) lots of strewn about cardboard that the kids could use to build dens. It was a battle to get Martha out of there. But the three of them loved being outside, they even played together - Martha was quite happy to go wandering off by herself though.

At the end of the day, the whole event was put on by Conwy Council and it was free, the rain held off until we were on our way home and the kids got to play outside doing something different to what we normally do. Happy Kids = Happy Mammi (&Naini) Mammi is also very happy that she got some more photo's of her Babies.


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