The show must go on...

I'm so glad the sun has decided to come out to play, finally! It really is helping to lift my mood.

I really need to start by thanking everyone for your kind messages, especially since Thursday. But please don't feel the need to apologise that Martha needs further surgery, it will by no means be her last! A lot of people have been saying "Oh, but she looks so well doesn't she - you wouldn't think she is that sick!" - because she's not sick. That's the whole point - she needs to have this Operation so that she doesn't become sick, it's preventative...if we wait until she becomes sick then the damage will be irreversible, and no surgery will be able to help her! 

We still haven't heard from Great Ormond Street and so we still don't know if Surgery will be in the next few weeks or after her next appointment in September. But either way, we're not wasting any more time together. I'm going to be working as many shifts as is reasonable to save a few more pennies - who knows
how long Martha will have me off work for when she finally has the operation; we also have a few nice weekends planned. I'm hoping the weather holds for this weekend because I really fancy a day on the Beach in Pwllheli and a trip to the Fairground in the afternoon.

I've also started collecting bits for Osh's school uniform in September, so if we do get called in over the summer then I won't have a mad rush to buy all his school things. We found out yesterday that they've decided to lower the admission age to primary school from 4 years old tp 3 years old - which means Isabella will be wearing a school uniform to school from I just have to hope that we'll all be home for her 1st day in "big school"

So for now life will go as normal, I'm not going to worry myself too much about the future - once I start doing that I know I won't be able to stop and I won't enjoy what we have.

Hope you're all loving this weather too.


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