Me & Mine || May 2015

It's the last day in May. Tomorrow is June and in 5 days time - the day we've been dreading since March will arrive.

On Thursday we are taking Martha Grace to London for the outpatients appointment; we didn't get the best news at our last appointment in March. It was a complete shock as they'd always been happy with her progress at her previous check-ups. On Thursday we will find out if and when she requires further surgery to relieve her Subaortic and Supra-aortic Stenosis.

May was extra special for us as we went to Center Parcs for the week, we've never been before and we
chose Sherwood Forest (you can see our pics in this post here) Our Me and Mine photo from this month were taken just outside our lodge before we went out to dinner on our last night.

I can't even begin to imagine the frame of mind I'll be in next weekend, let alone imagine what we'll be dealing with at the end of June when I should be taking a brand new Me and Mine photo for the blog.

Please pray for our family this week. Either that Martha is well enough that she doesn't require surgery immediately; or that her team can come up with a plan to help her.

Thank you.


dear beautiful

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