Trip to the Park

Our route home from school passes through the Playground - very convenient for the kids eh! I am one of those mean Mammi's that when it's a little chilly and the kids ask to go there, I tell them the slide/ swings are still wet from the rain so they can't play **cue gasps of horror**

But these last couple of week's the weather has been teasing us with a couple of dry days where it hasn't been too cold to stand around holding school bags and coats or pushing them on the swings and helping them climb up the slide (sorry, I am the mother who let's her kids do that while your child waits their turn to
go down the slide)

As I am in full-on "memory making" mode my camera came along one day last week. I know it's not an amazing day out but you know what - I don't think that mattered to the kids. they got to play in the park and Osh got to hang out with some of his school friends. Such a simple way to spend half an hour after school but it means to much to the kids...I'll keep telling myself that next time we're there and the kids refuse to come home.


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