The week according to my phone || 05.04.15

Aaaaaaaaaand just like that the first week of Easter Holidays is over, but the good news is that we still have a full week left before the fun is over. I'm pleased to report that we didn't just have a week of lazy days watching films, a few times we went and had some lovely days out as a family (Monday and Wednesday we're our lazy days)

On Tuesday we caught the train on the Ffestiniog Railway and rode all the way from Porthmadog to Blaenau Ffestiniog with my Grandparents. We packed a picnic to eat on the way and they served Tea on the train, the weather was gorgeous and the views we're stunning (there will be a separate post on that later in the week) SP were doing planned maintenance work on Thursday so our electricity supply would be off all day, we headed to my Mam's where we were adding things to our Centre Parcs itinerary before I headed off to
work for the evening.

We spent a wet and windy Friday at Chester Zoo; it was a lovely day with Mark's side of the family and the kids were made up to see their baby Cousin. Luckily the worst of the rain held off until it was time to leave and we headed off for dinner at TGI Fridays. Yesterday - I would rather forget about; we had lunch in Asda  (where Martha Grace choked on some banana) before doing the weekly shop and as we were driving home I had the amazing idea that we'd take the kids to the beach with their bikes WORST IDEA EVER *bangs head on table* Isabella would not ride her bike so me and Mark had to take it in turns to push the bike along...after a while we gave up and came home not caring that we'd paid £4 to be at the beach for an hour. Everyone calmed down when we got home, had Pizza for dinner and gave the kids their Easter Basket. We'd put "The Lorax" dvd in there and the kids happily made their way through their treats as they watched it...calm was restored.

It was Easter Sunday today and I spent the day in work, Mam offered to make a roast dinner which was amazing - easily her best one yet! It was the perfect way to round off the week.

It's a bank holiday tomorrow and we have Daddy home for one more day. We're planning on having a day at home but will go for a drive after tea and perhaps a walk if we end up somewhere nice and *whispers* I'll be taking a flask with tea and some biscuits along too...ssshhhhhh!!!

Hope you've all had a great week, we have!



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