Siblings || April 2015

Another month, another series of fails. But I am still loving the Siblings project.

We took the kids for a walk through Newborough Forest and I think it was the worst idea I've ever had.

OK; maybe I am being a bit melodramatic but Isabella refused to ride her bike at all so me and Mark had to take it in turns to push it along (for the entire duration of our walk) Martha Grace was fine in her pram and Osh was quite happy on his scooter too.

But when it was photo time they all refused to look at the camera and smile. The official photo I have chosen for this month is the one above where two out of the three are looking at the camera and one of them has a
half smile (Osh). Martha is the youngest so she can be forgiven for not looking at the camera.

I've included all my other attempts at a Siblings photo below because; when I am stuck in a Hospital in London and my child's life once again lies in the hands of one of the most talented Surgeons in the Country - I will be able to laugh at the memory of this day in Newborough Forest. I know that while we are at Great Ormond Street I will do anything to go back to this day and plead with God that if he look's after Martha Grace I will spend every weekend in Newborough Forest pushing Isabella's bike until my back aches.


dear beautiful

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