Afternoon at Sea Zoo

Saturday was a typical Welsh Weather; grey, wet and windy. Usually when we have days like that we head for Llandudno to browse around the shops and have Tea & Cake in Debenhams before coming home; but the girls are getting to that age now where shopping isn't that much fun for them. There is a lovely little sea aquarium called Anglesey Sea Zoo only down the road from us which I thought would be a perfect afternoon out for the girls (Osh was with his dad last week and to be completely honest - there isn't enough there that a nearly 9 year old would find interesting)

Isabella took a keen interest in all the fish and sea creatures that Mark was showing her and Martha would look at the fish that we pointed out to her though I doubt she understood much. It's not a very big place and it didn't take us very long at all to get around, but we only paid £20 to get in so we can't complain about that
(I paid £57 for us to get in to the Blue Planet Aquarium back in February)

We made a stop at the gift shop and Isabella chose an orange octopus for herself and a pink soft toy whale for Martha Grace. Of course no afternoon out is complete without stopping at the Cafe for Tea and Cake - so Mammi was happy.

There was a fab little playground outside and had if have been warmer we would have stayed there longer as Isabella loved the bouncy castle maze.

You all know I am on a mission to make memories now so true to form - I went armed with two cameras; as well as a handful of pictures you'll also see a little video that I've been busy working on over these past few nights (no it's not perfect, but my kids love watching them and so do I too - that's what counts)

We're off on another day out today and you can pretty much guarantee I'll have a camera in each hand all day.

Hope you're all having a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend.


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