The week according to my phone || 29.03.15

How quick has March gone? I've just gone through my diary filling in April weekend plans and before I knew it I had reached May. I'm trying to fire this post out quickly as I am out with my bestest for a date tonight, kind hoping Daddy lets me off bedtime duty but he's been home on his own with the Girls all day so I don't think there's much of a chance of that happening.

School has broken up for the Easter Holidays and we have lots of lovely little days out planned, we went out
for the afternoon yesterday and I got to practise a little more with (as Mark calls it) my Vlog camera; but I've totally underestimated how long it takes to upload from a memory card to my laptop, I've asked Mark to change our Broadband to Fibreoptic to see if that will help speed up the process. I'm still learning how to use the editing software; but I'm not taking this too seriously - just as long as we have something that we can actually watch.

I really plan on enjoying these Holidays.



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