The week according to my phone || 15.03.15

I'm not going to lie - it's been a tough week. We had no idea what to expect when we took Martha Grace to Great Ormond Street for the first time in six months; but none of us we're expecting the news we got. You can read all about our most recent visit to GOSH here.

The main picture was taken as Martha was having her blood pressure taken by a Clinic Assistant prior to her ECHO, the nurse let her hold the Pulse Ox tester as a distraction.

I was so worked up after London that I almost forgot that I'd made a hair appointment for Isabella, we made it in time though and she was like a little queen in the chair. I've never seen her to quiet though, the
hairdresser even asked if she was always that well behaved - oh how I laughed!

Today has been Mother's day and I've been in work all day; to be honest it was quite hard seeing all the happy families arrive with their healthy newborns and all the glowing pregnant women - I wish I was as happy as them. I've been quite happy to ignore the day to be honest and treat it like a regular Sunday, but I did get a card (I've seen it on the fireplace, I haven't opened it yet) and I got a new Yankee Candle which Mark gave me on Friday.

I hope everyone else has had a happier day than me. Sorry for being so miserable, I'll try to snap out of it soon.


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