The week according to my phone || 01.03.15

This post is really late this week; I'm usually putting my these posts up on a Saturday night ready for Sunday morning. We had a late night last night because we were in Warrington visiting family all day yesterday and it was almost 11:30pm by the time we got home.

Last Sunday was my Birthday, me and Isabella have become really big Taylor Swift fans recently so one of
my gifts was her album. It will be played non-stop in the car for weeks now until Isabella finds another song she loves.

Isabella had her injections on Tuesday, I was a coward and met Mark at the Surgery during his lunch break so that he could take her in. She was ok for her first jab but she broke her heart crying with the second. She slept like a log all afternoon then, absolutely flat out but I think that sleep was the best thing for her.

Nothing much happened on Wednesday and Thursday but on Friday we had a girly shopping day to Chester with my Mam, my Nain and the girls where I got to treat myself with my Birthday money. 

I've just got home now, I'm blogging and the girls are napping while Mark watches football. Osh is due back from his dad after dinner...then it's the usual Sunday night rush of getting everyone ready for another week.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.


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