Trying to be positive

The news we had in London on the 12th March really really knocked me for six; Martha is doing so well and looks amazing - to find out that underneath all that her little Heart is working against her is really difficult to accept. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may have noticed that I've not been very active recently - it's hard to try to be positive when I'm petrified for the future.

I think the time away from the blog and social media has done me some good, I've had time to take stock of the situation and made some plans for the future and I am going to at least try to enjoy life between now and Martha's next appointment at GOSH.

The weather seems to be improving so I'm hoping to be able to get out with Mark and the Kids on a Saturday. We live in such a beautiful part of the country and I want to make the most of that fact before I'm trapped in London in a Hospital for weeks on end. I'm going to be snap happy with my camera taking lots of
pictures; I've also dug out my last camera and will be using that to make mini videos of our day out to have as home movies. I've been practising with some clips I took last weekend and I think I need to work on my skills (you can see the little video at the bottom of this post, it's only my 1st attempt - let me know what you think) I hope that I can have these movies saved on our ipad and Martha can watch them when she's recovering.

We've booked a little family holiday to Centre Parcs (Sherwood Forest) in May - we've never been to a Centre Parcs before I can't wait to go, I keep watching Katie's video from when she took her family last year and I hope my children enjoy it as much as they did.

We have also worked out how much annual leave Mark has left, we've decided that Mark will spend two weeks in London with Martha and me and then will return home to Osh and Isabella and to work...I think it's more important for Osh and Isabella to have one of us home with them and Mam will then stay in London taking care of me and Martha. I don't even want to guess how long we'll be in Hospital for this time but I am banking on it being at least another ten week admission - anything less is a bonus isn't it.

No more moping around, I'm going to live these next three months making memories for our family.


ps. Please don't tell Mark I published this video, he made me promise I wouldn't - My Bad!!!

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