Siblings || March 2015

I had it all planned out; the forecast for Saturday and we were heading down to Llanddwyn, Osh would be on his scooter and Isabella on her bike while Martha would be wrapped up warm in her pram. I would have packed a flask with Tea and some biscuits. Once at the beach I would get a lovely shot of my babies
drinking tea on their picnic blanket. It would be a lovely day out and I'd have some great pictures of the kids.

Sadly it was not to be, on Saturday we had horrendous weather. No one would have enjoyed the walk to the beach and it would have been impossible to drink a cup of tea down there.

Never mind, I actually quite like this picture of the three of them, especially Martha Grace's smile - she looks so happy and innocent.

We'll try for a beach picture next month - we have to now. Since our appointment at Great Ormond Street didn't go as well as we had hoped on Thursday - the Siblings and the Me and Mine photography projects have become much more important now. My only hope is that we have the same amount of children in each photo for the rest of the year.


dear beautiful

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