Me & Mine || March 2015

I know it's not perfect but I actually do love our Me and Mine photo this month, which is kind of amazing seeing as it only took two attempts this month. We had arrived a little early to meet family for lunch at a Pub in Nefyn and seeing as no one was around I pulled out my camera ready and set the kids down on a picnic table. No one ran off, no one refused to smile and no one looked away from the camera {we'll just pretend that Isabella's hair is covering some of Martha's beautiful face}

I've just realised that I'm wearing the same jacket and scarf that I was wearing in my February photo and I promise I do own more clothes - this is just my "go-to" look and will probably end up in every Me & Mine photo I take this year.

I'm definitely starting to feel a lot more positive, though I do have my days where I could quite happily cry. It's pictures like this one that will keep me going during whatever hard times lie ahead.

It's Easter Holidays for us now and we have lots planned, let's hope this weather sorts itself out or Mr Murphy will not be happy standing in the rain taking photo's.


dear beautiful

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