The week according to my phone || 15.02.15

It's been a long week; Martha Grace has been waking in the night and it's been exhausting...I'm so out of practice now when it comes to being up all night. But I feel awful complaining, because I know that there are so many parents who would sell their soul to the devil to have their baby keeping them awake at night in their own home - so I'll stop there. 

Martha has actually got another chest infection; she had a cough which I had hoped would clear up by itself and I waited over a week before taking her to the doctors (not because I'm a bad Mammi, but I don't want
to be giving her antibiotics as though they are sweets) but she didn't shift didn't get any worse though. So we're on another week of amoxicillin.

This week was also Heart Week so all my posts have been to raise awareness for Congenital Heart Defects...I will never tire of this. You can catch up on those posts here but in short - this is how our week looked.

I'm off work for half term holidays now, we will also be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary and my birthday. We have a few things planned with the kids which I am really looking forward to.

 I hope you all had a lovely Valentines.


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