The week according to my phone || 01.02.15

Last Sunday there was a Wedding Fayre at work, I left my phone in the Kitchen so I could run to it to check my e-mails and check on Mark and the kids if I had a couple of quiet minutes. At the end of the day when I looked through my phone - my darling colleague had kindly taken hundreds of I'm getting him back by posting one of his selfies on the blog (which I don't think he reads!) - but if you do see it Loves - haha Gotcha!!!

On Tuesday I made a cottage pie for dinner and it was lovely even if I do say so myself; I'd grated some cheese and sliced some leek to sprinkle on top of the potato before it went in the oven...the cheese melts and
the leeks go crispy.

On Thursday morning Martha Grace was really fussy and clingy; she didn't want cuddles, she didn't want to play with her toys - she didn't know what she wanted so she cried into a cushion.

We had to get up really early on Friday morning to go Shopping; for some reason Martha Grace was awake herself from 6am...Daddy was not impressed, but I thought it was hilarious her shouting "Daddy, Daddy" trying to wake him.

The antibiotics are finished now, they really have helped bring her appetite back - even if she does still have a touch of a least they stopped Martha getting full blown Pneumonia. I wonder how long until we're on the antibiotics again.

We've just arrived home from my Mam and Dad's where we had a Chinese take-away (yes, again) to celebrate my lovely Mam's Birthday. Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.


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