Me & Mine || February 2015

Official Me & Mine Photo
Well, this Month's Me & Mine is a series of fails. When I planned for us to go away to a Hotel last week I assumed I'd have plenty of opportunity's to get a nice photo of the 5 of us together - how wrong was I? It seem's that as the girls get older they become less and less willing to sit nicely and smile (or even look) at the camera.

I thought I'd include all my fails as well as my "official" photo just so you can all see what I mean. You might
think that my chosen one isn't the one I should have gone with, but I think it's the best of a bad lot.

Fail #1
In my head I had envisioned a great picture of the 5 of us on the Hotel bed (I think I even suggested a pretend pillow fight to Mark) the kids would be really happy as we would have just arrived at a nice Hotel and the room would still be tidy in the background. Sadly, it was not to be. The room ended up being a tad on the dark side which I think it down to the d├ęcor as there was a large window which light flooded through. Isabella is looking at the mirror in front of us and Martha is looking up at her Dad.

Fail #2
We stopped off at the Dutch Pancake House in Rowen on the way home, I'd never been before but as we pulled in the car park I saw signs for a Nature Trail and thought I'd get a lovely picture somewhere there. The above picture would have been perfect had Isabella not decided to run away after I'd hit the timer button and ended up not being in the picture.

Fail #3
As you can see I'm holding on to Isabella because she started to make a run for it again. If she had have behaved I'd be happy with this photo too.

Hoping for better luck and more co-operative children next month - I will not be discouraged!


dear beautiful

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