A Letter to Martha Grace || February 2015

Dear Martha Grace,
It's been quite tough this month hasn't it; you caught another chest infection. You started being fussy with your bottle one Tuesday evening while Daddy was watching football and then suddenly you started vomiting. But the next day you were as good all day as we went to Bangor with Nain & Taid Brian; you shared a cake with Isabella in the Cafe in Debenhams. You ate all your tea that night - but then threw up all over your Babywalker in Nain Colette's house. You slept the whole night through though, even though you didn't have any supper. You must have been starving when you woke up on Thursday because you gulped your bottle down - only to bring it all back up after a little snooze in my arms. I took you to see Dr Bethan the next day and she said she could hear that one of your lungs was quite noisy. I don't know how she could hear anything if I'm honest because you kept pulling the stethoscope away when she put it on your chest. But just to be on the safe side you were on Antibiotics again for a week. I don't think they worked to completely rid you of your cold; but it has stopped it brewing to anything worse - like pneumonia which I am grateful for. 

You're back to your old self by now, you're eating and drinking like a good girl. I've even been really brave and have been giving you whole biscuits and crisps for you to feed yourself, it's lovely seeing you enjoying feeding yourself.

This last week you've made a real effort in your attempts to walk; you even walk along the sofa now. You
haven't quite figured out how to get back down though so you stand there crying until someone comes to help you. Hopefully we can go shoe shopping for you soon - I would really really love it if you could walk in to greet Dr Sullivan when we take you to London next month. I don't want to wish your life away - just anxious that you will get to experience life.

You've been naughty opening cupboards for a while now; but these past few weeks you've been in the fridge every chance you get! You pull things off the shelf and leave your things in there.

You're speech has improved yet again this month; in addition to the words you could say before you can now say "Ia de", "Do do" and my personal favourite is "OH Dave" like Nessa off of Gavin & Stacey. You like teasing people too, if someone asks you to pass them something you'll hold it out to them before snatching it back laughing and saying "No!" - it's become a game for you and I love this funny little character that you're turning into.

You're sitting on the floor next to me as I type this, you're saying "Mammi, cario" which means you want me to carry you up...I think you want cuddles - so off I go.

Love you Baby Girl


Excuse the mess...it was early on a Saturday morning and I wanted to grab the camera to catch her standing before she wanted to come down again.

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