4th Wedding Anniversary

Today, 19th February 2015 see's us celebrate our 4th Wedding Anniversary. On our Wedding day I don't think anyone in the room would have foreseen what we'd eventually have to go through together. I think when we said the vow "in sickness and in health" that we assumed it mean My health or Mark's...not one of our Children.

We've grown as a couple, our marriage has been tested well beyond breaking point yet somehow...by some miracle, it survived. We survived.

I'm not going to get all soppy and say meaningless c**p like "I love him more now than the day I married him" but I will say that I most definitely have more respect for him now.

The worst thing any couple (married or not) could go through is having a sick child...if we can make it through that then we'll handle anything else life wants to throw at us.

Today we're off to a Hotel for the night and as it's half term we're taking the kids too.

Love to you all.


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