Short walk to Caernarfon

My last post was about my New Years Resolutions for 2015 and as you can see - it has started well.

Although Saturday 3rd January did have a lazy start; we did get ourselves organised and headed out for lunch to Caernarfon. We then had a mooch around one of the shop's on Doc Fictoria before taking a stroll along the cycle path back to the car. We took our photo's while we were on the pier - which was quite scary as we didn't have the pram for Isabella.

Now photography isn't my strong point; I've only got a little point and shoot (I'm hoping Santa spoils me again next year and brings me a nice new DSLR camera) I love the pictures of me and the I just need to print them as I would even go as far as to say they are frame worthy...and thank's to Mark for taking the pictures.

Osh is only with us every other weekend as he is with his Dad for alternative weekends; so some weekends he won't be in the pictures - but he will be in the following weekends. As much as I feel guilty going out and having fun as a family when he isn't with us; deep down I know that he will be having with his Father and it's not fair to Isabella and Martha that I refuse to go anywhere just because Osh isn't with us.

I'm now hoping that this miserable weather disappears before Saturday so we can go out and take more pictures.


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