New Years Resolutions - 2015

Most of the status updates I've seen across my personal Facebook account over the past few of days have been about "New Years Resolutions" for the year ahead. Now I've never been one for making them myself because I know I would never stick to them.

Over all 2014 was a great year for us as a family; we finally got to bring Martha Grace home! Even though we did have to take her back to our local a fair few times at the beginning of the year for tummy bugs, she fought off two chest infections like a trooper towards the end of the year with a dose of Antibiotics; we are so grateful that like some of her Heart Warrior buddies - she didn't end up in hospital.

No one can predict the future. Things could change in an instant; I am not naive to the realities of this world any more (once you've had to contemplate your child's mortality - you lose your innocence) But I don't want
to dwell on those harsh realities because if I do - I think they will start to be all consuming and I will struggle to enjoy life because I'll be too afraid of "what might happen".

But there are a couple of things that I want to make my "New Years Resolutions" this year and they both kind of tie in with each other.

I want to get out more with the kids. Lazy Saturday's at home are great sometimes (especially when the weather is awful) but I want the kids to remember days out, picnics etc etc. We've already decided that this Saturday we are going down to Beddgelert for the afternoon; Martha will have her lunch time bottle at home then we'll load the car with our picnic and a flask and head out for a scenic drive through the mountains while she has her nap in the car. When we get there we'll take a walk by the river and pick a spot where me, Mark, Osh and Isabella will have our picnic and Martha will have her snack. I want the kids to enjoy running around in the fresh air and open spaces. 

Which then leads me on to the next part of my New Years Resolutions; which is to take more photo's of us as a family then actually go to the effort of getting the pictures developed and having them framed to display around the house. When I was little you had to develop the film in order to even be able to see the photo's you'd taken; nowadays you can see them and share them instantly - I have a memory card full of pictures from 2014 that have never been printed. So I'll start working my way through those soon.

I want my kids to have happy memories of their childhoods; more importantly - if things ever get tough again and we're separated for long periods of time...I want them to be able to look back at our family days and remember the love.

From my family to yours - Happy New Year!


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