Mammi & Martha time

Isabella has been at Playschool since September. She goes for a couple of hours in the afternoon on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. As Osh is at school as well I was really excited thinking that this would give me "1 on 1" time with Martha Grace.

Osh had me all to himself for 5 years. Isabella had me to herself while Osh was at school for almost 22 months. The only time Martha Grace has had me completely to herself were the 13 weeks she spent in hospital - which if I'm honest I don't really think it counts.

But so far, we've made no use at all of our Mammi&Martha time. We've come home, had lunch with Daddy, Martha's had a quick hour's nap and I've watched a few episodes of Friends with a panad. I feel like I'm letting her down.

I realised earlier today that after February half term in 2016  (which is only next year) Martha Grace will be starting Playschool herself. That's last baby - then I will have a couple of hours a day where I have no
baby at home. I have a year left to have Mammi&Martha time - that's a really sobering thought.

So, I've decided - I'm not going to waste our time any more. I won't just put her down for a nap and enjoy my panad in peace from now on; I will actually make the effort to go somewhere or do something with Martha Grace. Even if we just call over to Next for a browse around the shop and share a panad and a cake in the cafe afterwards. Or maybe go for a walk somewhere with her in her pram. We could even call over to a friends house for an hour or so...anything but sitting in the house all the time.

There are days of course where I'll have to stay home; I'll have housework to catch up on, the weather will be rubbish or we'll just fancy a lazy day - but as the weather starts to warm up in spring I really hope to get out and about more.

I imagine some people will be thinking "was that really worthy of a blog post"...but these days my head thinks like "If I've blogged about it - I have to do it now!" other news; the antibiotics have started to kick in and she's finally eating and drinking again! I'm so glad she's not due to be weighed for a while because I can pretty much guarantee she's lost a fair bit this week!

Hope you're all having a good week.


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