I hate this time of year

Before Martha Grace came along this time of year didn't bother me; Osh would get a cold and pass it on to Isabella...they'd cough, be snotty - be off their food for a couple of days before bouncing back to their previous state of health.

Now it's a whole different story...Martha Grace has already had two courses of antibiotics and I think she'll probably be on her third by the weekend. Since 20th December 2014 there hasn't been a week that's passed where one if not both of the girls are being sick (D&V sick)

They are having at least two outfit changes a day and I think the colour on their bedding is fading as it's being washed so often these past few weeks. I think my washing machine will give up on me if they don't stop. I am exhausted from the worry. I don't think I let myself fall properly asleep at night because I want to be able to hear them if they're sick in the middle of the night (my kids choking on their vomit is one of my biggest fears, and Martha's already done it once!)

Yesterday I took Isabella to school and when they opened the door to let the kids in the class she burst in to tears saying she didn't want to go. I didn't get a call while I was away; but when I went to pick her up a
couple of hours later she was stone cold and her lips were purple...I mean proper purple! I haven't seen Martha's lips go that colour since she had episodes of de-saturating back in November 2013.

Isabella has high coloured lips naturally, she gets them from her dad...but yesterday you'd think she'd drawn on her lips with a purple lip-liner.

Osh and Isabella were due to go to London to meet Dr Tome last summer - they are screened for Hypertrophy Cardiomyopathy ; looking back now we should have taken them - but we'd only just escaped the place we weren't ready to go back. But my job over the next couple of days is to get Isabella referred there by our family GP (she hasn't been seen there before, I was pregnant with her when we took Osh in July 2011) and to make an appointment at Great Ormond Street for both of them to be seen as soon as possible.

I'm hoping that Isabella's purple lips were just because she was coming down with a cold or because it was cold at school...but I know that if it was Martha's lips who's were that colour yesterday - she have been rushed to my local and I would have demanded they check her saturations.


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