Grateful for Antibiotics

I knew that she'd end up on Amoxicillin again. I just knew it. This is the third time she's been prescribed them since September; but I am so glad they exist and that our GP surgery operates a walk-in practise every morning. 

To begin with I thought she had a tummy bug; she was sick after her bottle on Tuesday night, she was sick after her dinner on Wednesday and then again after her breakfast yesterday morning. But her runny nose and
her cough have been getting worse and you can definitely hear her chest crackling. The Doctor agreed that one side of her lungs was quite noisy which suggests a chest infection, but as she is still having wet nappies and is a normal colour she is confident that the Antibiotics should see her right. Her respiratory rate was 50, which is quite high but as far as I am concerned it within Martha's normal range; though you can tell she is working harder to breathe. She's stolen a few cushions and is now fast asleep on them; I think sleep is the most important thing for them when they are sick...but when she wakes up I'll try to offer her some food with the meds stirred in to it. I asked for the capsules to mix up myself again, I think it will be easier to give Martha a 2.5ml solution than a 5ml of that yucky yellow medicine.

I took Isabella to the Doctors too because her lips are still a strange shade of purple and her hands and feet are still stone cold. The probe wouldn't even pick up a reading when we tried to check her oxygen saturations. The Doctor listened to Isabella's heart but said she couldn't hear any extra noises (she would have been listening for a murmur); but she is going to write to Great Ormond Street and ask for Isabella to be seen there now - our family history isn't the best where Heart Conditions are concerned.

It's just one thing after another isn't it.


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