It may have been freezing cold but I was not deterred (much to Mark's disappointment) it was Saturday after all. We had a lazy morning with lots of Tea and Croissants for breakfast; but I had made my New Years Resolution and I was sticking to it! 

I filled a flask with boiling water and packed a bag with Tea bags, Milk and teaspoons and a packet of Jaffa Cakes; not forgetting a beaker of juice and a packet of Wotsits for Martha Grace.

I love the drive from home through Waunfawr and Rhyd Ddu to Beddgelert; I love the views of the mountains and Llyn Cwellyn. 

I had planned on walking along the river, over the bridge and back again; we should have had our Panad's and biscuits by the river...but it was far too cold. We walked back to the car and we had our little picnic in there - Martha's cheeks had turned purple by the time we got to the car so it's a good job we came back when we did.

The kids loved their little picnic; we have tray's that pull out from the driver and passenger seats which Isabella and Osh put their little plastic mugs - they loved it. Other that the little bit of diesel we used to get there, that little afternoon out didn't cost us anything...but I got some lovely photos (I especially love the photo of Mark and Martha Grace) and the kids thought it was a real treat having a car picnic. So there are no excuses now - if the weather is bad again we'll still be heading out armed with our flask.


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