A Christmas Concert

Tuesday afternoon I found myself at Capel Rhos-Y-Gad watching Osh's school Christmas Concert. The kids were all great but to be honest I found it really hard to follow; it wasn't a "play" with costumes- all the kids were just given a line each to recite and it couldn't have been fun for them (well not as much fun as last year - which was brilliant!)

As I sat there I could see Osh constantly looking over at me and giving me a cheeky smile; I suddenly remembered that when I came to see Osh's Christmas Concert last year - I came home from London to see it. As I sat next to Emma in the school hall, trying to seem happy in front of Osh and the other parents - inside I was a mess. The next morning Martha Grace was listed for theatre for her 3rd Open Heart operation.

Me and Mark hadn't actually discussed whether or not we were going to consent to that operation. Little baby Owyn had died at 16days old on the Monday,
Sebastian had died that morning at just two years old - these things come in three's don't they.

But this year, I had Isabella in Ysgol Feithrin and Martha Grace was fast asleep with my Taid at home. But I'm not completely care free, for those who follow me on Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter will know that Martha is on Amoxicillin for a chest infection. She still has quite a cough, the Doctor said he could hear crackling on her chest on Monday night and she's using her accessory muscles to breathe. A chest infection can be worrying for any baby/ toddler - but the complications are far worse in a Cardiac Baby like Martha Grace. Thankfully, although she is off her bottle - she is eating fine, she is a little more cuddlier than usual but she isn't irritable. She wakes up a lot during the night with her runny nose and a cough - but I can live with that.

If someone would have told me this time last year what the third operation would do for Martha Grace in the long run - I don't think I would have believed them. 100% worth every second of worrying that we did.


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