Feeling sorry for myself

It's a Saturday afternoon; it's raining so we decided to have a day at home rather than drag the kids out only to get wet and miserable in the cold. Martha is napping in bed, Isabella is fast asleep on the sofa and Osh is looking through Netflix for a film to watch...Mark is making the panad's and after reading some of my favourite blogs on my little tablet - I had the urge to write.

I've gotten really lazy recently, even over the half term holidays I didn't make the most of my time with the kids. I blame the weather but really it's my fault.

We were away at a friends wedding last weekend, Mark took Monday off as a holiday so we could go out with the kids - we went to Asda! The weather in Anglesey was awful so we decided it would be a quick trip with lunch in the cafe; but when we arrived in Llandudno it was glorious sunshine - only problem
was we didn't have a pram for Martha.

Tuesday we attempted a trip in to town, but it was chucking it down when we got there so the kids stayed in the car while I ran out to do what I needed to do.

Wednesday Osh went to his Dad's after lunch and we spent the afternoon at my Mam's .

Thursday I baked a cake before getting myself ready for work in the afternoon.

Friday was  a bit better; we went to a lovely little garden centre for lunch before getting Osh ready for a friends Halloween Party.

We had planned on taking the kids out to Dinas Dinlle on their bike and scooter, but it's blowing a gale here and knowing our luck - the kids will end up in the sea.

So here we are... Still at home. We're warm, dry and we're together. I'm hoping that now I've recognised that I'm not happy with my laziness that I will feel more encouraged to sort myself out.


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