A husband and child - free day

I haven't had a day like Saturday in years! I was up and out of the house before 7:30am 14mins later I had boarded a train and was off to meet my best friend in Wrexham
;  no husband and no children.

On the train I enjoyed reading a trashy magazine and looking out of the window as we made our way across the North Wales coast, I didn't have to entertain the kids. When I arrived and we went in search for a cafe for breakfast I didn't have to look out for bottle warming facilities, space for a pram and high chairs. As we spent a good few hours at the make-up counters at Debenhams and Boots - I didn't have any children running riot. We could chat without any interruptions and I could swear like a trooper.

It's so hard to think that this time last year Martha Grace was fighting for her life in a "critical but stable" condition - and just a year later I enjoyed such a carefree day with that frightening time (hopefully) behind me.

I'll be completely honest and admit that each time we passed a family with a young son and two little girls - I missed mine terribly; but I think it's hugely important that as parents we do take time to ourselves - we don't stop being who we are once we have kids.

We've a few busy weekends ahead with plans to visit family, me and Mark have arranged a night away for our Christmas shopping at the beginning of December - something we didnt get to do last year. Once things have settled down in the new year I'll be making plans for another girly day with my bestest.