A family update

A couple of weeks have passed since I published my last blog post; at that point both girls had a cold and I hadn't taken them to the Doctors yet.

But the following morning I realised that I should play it safe especially with Martha Grace - a simple cold for most kids could brew in to a full on respiratory infection for Heart Babies/
Children. Isabella's chest sounded clear and more than likely to be viral, nothing was prescribed as she would more than likely get rid of it herself in time - but I should take her back if it persisted. Unfortunately for Martha Grace - antibiotics were required; after listening to her chest the Doctor could hear crackling on the bottom left side so rather than wait for it to get worse, we were given a weeks worth of Amoxicillin.

She was great though, I worried about how we were going to get her to take it - but most days she would have it neat off a spoon, other times we would have to mix it in her feed or trick her with giving her a spoonful in the middle of feeding her a yoghurt. If I'm being honest I don't think the antibiotics touched her; I didn't notice any improvement in her cold whilst she was on it and even by the time the weeks course was up she still had a cough. It has cleared by now though. 

It's frightening because it's only October and she's already caught one cold - it's not like it's going to get any warmer now is it!? And with both Osh and Isabella at school there will be no end of germs coming home this winter.

But the important thing is that she did get over it, for that we are grateful.

Something else we are grateful for is to have my brother, Gavin home. Those of you who follow our Facebook page will know he was flown to The Heart Hospital on Westmoreland Street back on the 27th September after the insertion site for his ICD became infected. After undergoing an Explorative Cardiac Catheter procedure on Friday morning - we were relieved to be told that the infection had not spread to the ICD or the leads connecting the device to his Heart; the device could stay where it was and wouldn't need to be replaced. He was discharged and arrived home on Tuesday evening. Thank you all for your concern, those of you who've seen be during the school run and stopped to ask how he was doing and those who've messaged me directly for an update. 

There is a few more bits I need to update you all on, but I've rambled enough during this post already I fear you've already stopped reading. Also; I feel like after a couple of weeks off I should have some kind of phased return to blogging.

I hope you're all well.


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