That dreaded feeling again

The appointments come around so quickly. It doesn't seem like so long ago when I was dreading her last check-up. Once again the world stops tomorrow - as hard as I've tried I can't see past tomorrow; I can't imagine how my life will look tomorrow night. 

We have been exceptionally lucky; when in the past three weeks two Heart Babies whose stories we've followed have sadly passed away - we still have our Martha Grace...she has just celebrated her 1st Birthday.

We had amazing results at our last appointment and to ask God  for an improvement on that is just plain greedy. So I'm going to pray that there are no changes; that she is neither better nor worse than she was last time, that Great Ormond Street continue to be happy with her progress. Failing that; I would just like that whatever issue we encounter tomorrow - they have a plan for how to make her better.

But Mark has been warned, if we get what we consider to be "good news" tomorrow - then Christmas begins in our house tomorrow night; after the Christmas we had last year we more than deserve it.

She's finally sitting up by herself - unaided, she has been putting weight on nicely and was 16lbs 5oz last week (7.4Kg) and is really enjoying her food. Deep down a little part of me is convinced that she is fine, I know that we would have noticed a change if there was anything major going on...but I know better than to be that complacent.

Please keep her in your thoughts tomorrow.


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