Another Martha Grace Update

Just as they did this time last year - the weeks are whizzing by. In a little over a week our Miracle Baby Girl will be One Years Old.

I spend every single day with her so I don't find it that easy to see how she's changing and growing, luckily I have the blog as a record of her development - I can't deny my baby is coming on in leaps and bounds as I skip back a few months in posts.

She doesn't crawl, she rolls around on the floor to get where she wants to be. She won't sit up by herself - she pushes herself back so she can lie back down and continue to roll about. However, she will sit for hours in her Bumbo or high chair and play with her toys and is more than happy to entertain herself for hours.

She can make the right "Da da da da" and "Ma ma ma ma" noises. She can clap hands when you sing "clap hands" to her. She will wave hello/goodbye. She can play "peekaboo". She will raise one hand if you ask her for a " high five". She puts her bib on her head to wear it like a hat and poses when you tell her she looks "pretty".

She has stopped taking morning naps and now only sleeps during the afternoon. She sleeps from 9:00pm till 9:00am. She can finish full 150ml bottle feeds. She can eat yogurt's and is beginning to enjoy jars of baby food from the 4month range. She likes Cadbury's Chocolate Buttons and Mammi really should let her try more "solid" foods really.

Yesterday evening Nainy noticed she has two new top teeth, which means Martha Grace now has a grand total of 8. She now fits nicely in clothes aged 6-9months. She was weighed on Friday and is now 7.14Kg (270g up from the two weeks before)

She is a beautiful and happy little girl and next Saturday will see all her friends and family come together to celebrate her First Birthday.

I read and re-read this post...Martha Grace is amazing!


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