Heart Mammi is 1 years old

Today, Heart Mammi turns 1 years old.

After struggling since April to make sense of the millions of thoughts/scenarios that were constantly playing out in my head - I tried typing them out. I wondered if I'd felt differently (maybe more relaxed) after reading them back {I didn't, in case you were wondering} But I never thought I'd "publish" a post, let alone create a Facebook page etc so that family and friends could read my deepest and darkest thoughts.

As it turns out, creating the blog was the best decision I ever made. I've made some lovely friends, the support we've received as a family throughout our journey so far has been overwhelming. I hope I've educated you in Cardiothoracics, I hope I've brought to your attention how important the Fetal Anomaly Scan (20 weeks) is. I hope I've taught you not to be ignorant and that it can happen to anyone. I hope I've inspired a parent out there in the same position as us to have faith and hold on.

But above all, the most important thing about my blog is that I can look back to the first post and appreciate that I was right to be scared sh****ss about what was about to happen. Me and Mark said the other day that we were only worried about whether or not Martha Grace would survive the Operation...the recovery period hadn't entered our minds, we had no idea about Blood pressure, kidney's needing dialysis, ventilator pressures and peeps.

Martha Grace herself is One Years Old in a few weeks, something I would never have believed as I typed my first blog post this time last year.

To those of you who have followed our journey so far - thank you.


Ps. These are some photos of the kids over the week - I count myself lucky to be able to say that three beautiful human beings call me "Mammi"

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