It's taken until tonight for me to put this post together. In the last four days we've; travelled to Leicester, stayed at a hotel which meant packing for three kids, spent a day at a theme park in 30 degree heat, travelled home in the aforementioned heat, gotten up to be in the Next Sales at 5am, gotten up at 6am the following

day to go to work, spent the first day of the summer holidays catching up on the washing.

So as you can see we've been busy. I sat down earlier tonight to have a look through my camera and I'm surprised I hadn't taken more photo's while we were away. The reason we went to Leicester is for my sister's Graduation (she studied at DMU) and she wanted us all to have dinner together after her ceremony. Those of you who have followed the blog from the beginning will know that Melissa is the one who stayed at our house looking after Osh & Isabella when Martha was born and had her first operation last year.

As we were in the area anyway we decided that on Friday we would visit Drayton Manor. Have any of you been? What did you think? Isabella loved Thomas Land and Osh enjoyed what rides he went on (he's like his Mammi and doesn't enjoy rides much, he wouldn't even go on the Ben10 thing). I think we'd have been bored if we went to Drayton Manor without the kids though - there's very little for older kids/teens to do there in my opinion. But if your little ones like Thomas The Tank they will love Thomas Land. The baby facilities (microwaves, bottle warmers etc) were ideal if you've also got a Baby with you.

So, without babbling on anymore - here are the pics.


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