The Sick Children's Trust

Tina (House Manager at Guilford Street) with  Me and Martha Grace

For weeks and weeks now I've been begging/pleading/asking nicely if anyone could spare any change to donate to our Just Giving Page as Steve had taken part in the Chester Half Marathon on Sunday 18th May on behalf of The Sick Children's Trust.

Today, the icing on the cake of an already great day - was being able to visit Tina at The Sick Children's Trust house which was our home for 13 weeks - and hand over the money you lovely lot have so generously donated.

Amazingly, we were able to hand over a total of £2105.00 and we are thrilled at that amount. It will go such a long way in helping families like ours during their darkest days. Just having a clean room and warm bed to sleep in after a full day standing by their sick child's bedside, somewhere for a quick shower because you feel disgusting after being in the heat of ICU for days on end, somewhere to watch TV for a bit because the beeping sound of monitors is starting to drive them insane (I used to hear them in my sleep, just ask my Mam)

The Just Giving Page is still running for a little while longer, if you haven't donated yet please please please do so by following the link to our page here

Thanks again everyone, you're all amazing :-)


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