Going MIA

Good evening everyone. Things are going to be a bit quiet over on the blog over the next few weeks. I've decided that while there is little to update on Martha I should take this time to re-design the blog layout; make it neater and have everything categorized so it's easy to navigate.

I really appreciate all your support ever since I set up the blog almost 11 months ago. But I want to neaten it so that if there is a parent out there who (for example) is told their baby/child needs
a pacemaker - they can easily find the relevant post and have a parent's perspective of the procedure.

I am going to continue the blog for the foreseeable future, I want another family who find themselves in the same position we were this time 12 months ago to be able to see how "normal" our day to day life is and to take a teeny bit of hope from that.

I read back to the posts from December and I can't believe any of that actually happened to us. If someone would have come up to me Boxing day this year while Martha was struggling with extubation for the third time, to tell me that when we come for her outpatient appointment in June she would be doing amazingly well - I don't think I would have believed them.

I will keep sharing photo's on our Facebook page so please don't forget to visit us there. But if you do stop by the blog and it looks a mess - don't be alarmed.

Thanks everyone.


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