Roll over

I said to Mark just last night that since I set up my other blog (weddings) I feel like I've completely neglected this one. But the thing is, while we are just going about our lives normally and Martha Grace is behaving - there is little to blog about. To be honest that is something we should be grateful for.

This Bank Holiday Monday saw me working my first full 8 hour shift in work since August last year, Daddy was left in charge of all three kids from 7am until I got home (well it was almost 4pm
once I'd finished my panad and chatting in work). The whole drive home in the car I was dreading what scene would await me once I opened the front door...would the kids be screaming and fighting, what kind of mood would Mark be in, what kind of state would the house be in. I shouldn't have worried, considering he'd never been on his own with the three of them before - Mark did a great job; he even let me sit down with a panad while he made dinner.

Usually on a Thursday our Health Visitor comes over to weigh Martha Grace, but as it's half term holidays she is away this week so I don't have an update on her weight this week. We're off to GOSH next week where Martha Grace is due to have an ECHO, ECG and a 24hr Holter (an ECG which will record for 24hrs solid) so she'll get weighed there.

The biggest news from Martha Grace this week is that she had learnt to roll over on to her tummy. We went out to a party on Saturday night and our way there my Mam text me that Martha had just done it. She's managed it several times since then aswell, I've caught few photo's of her doing it. She always gets one arm trapped underneath her so isn't comfortable for long - but it's a huge achievement for her; I am fully aware that most babies her age are starting to walk now, but Martha is lucky to be alive so this is amazing for us.

We have a Birthday in our house this weekend...Osian Llyr turns eight years old on Friday (that makes me feel really old) We've organised a little outing for him and his friends on Sunday morning, then in the afternoon we're having a Tea & Cake party at home with our families...Saturday will be spent cleaning and baking.

Our Just Giving page has passed the £300.00 mark and offline donations are way over £1500.00 We plan on visiting The Sick Children's Trust house on Guilford Street when we are in London next week, so if you would like to donate I really really would be grateful if you did.

I have presents to wrap and cards to sign so I be heading offline now, I hope you all have a great weekend. We're looking forward to spoiling Osian Llyr.


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