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If you follow the blog regularly you will know that we have started Martha Grace on "solids" now; well I say solids - I mean Baby Rice because that's all she seems to be enjoying. We've tried her with puréed fruits but she pulled the funniest disgusted face (I wasn't quick enough with the camera, sorry!) she refused point blank to open her mouth when I tried to feed her a jar of Rice Pudding this morning, but I think it was the consistency she hated more than the taste. I've got a jar of Egg Custard to try tomorrow, it's creamy in texture compared to the jelly-like
consistency of the Rice Pudding.
But she has been scoffing the Baby Rice like nobody's business; as soon as she see's me walking towards her stirring the powder and milk together she gets all exited and the arms and legs are everywhere. For breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper she will have 150ml of milk in her bottle followed by 50ml of milk and 2 teaspoons of baby rice mixed together. For the last feed of the day that we have to mix in Amiloride (diuretic) she only manages 25ml of milk as she just wants to sleep; it's a real shame to wake her to be honest but she needs all her medicines.
I was quite disappointed when Martha was weighed last week (you can read that post here) because it seemed like we were going backwards. I know I being unreasonable, she had been sick with a bug so it shouldn't have come as a huge surprise that she had lost weight, but it's still worrying - we never really know what's going on with Martha's heart.
Today Martha was weighed again, I stared and stared at the screen once I'd laid Martha on the scales - willing the numbers to rise and rise. Today she weighed a whopping 6.03Kg, which is an increase of 299g from the 5.74Kg she weighed last week. We are thrilled, even though she is now practically missing two feeds in 24hrs - the baby rice is obviously doing her some good. 
We've actually got quite a busy weekend ahead of us: I will be starting a "phased return" to work on Saturday - leaving Daddy in charge from 7am - 3pm, on Sunday we're heading to Chester to support Steve as he competes in the Chester Half Marathon. I'm really grateful to everyone who has kindly donated so far, but if you haven't and you'd like to then you can find more information on how to do so here.

Here are some pics of Martha from today, she's changing every day now and it's amazing for us - this time last year we didn't dare to dream about a day like today.

Thank you all for your continued support.


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