Mother's Day

As those of you who follow us on Twitter or Facebook already know...the nasty bug arrived in our house last week which resulted in a two night stay at the local hospital for Mammi and Martha Grace while Daddy, Osh and Isabella recovered at home.We were allowed home on Friday morning, by then I was desperate for a shower and a decent panad. We decided to feed Martha on demand rather than pour the remains of any feed down her NG tube, reasoning that if she was hungry or thirsty she would drink her bottle - even if it meant feeding her little and often. 
Martha is exactly how Osh was as a baby - she does not enjoy a bottle anymore; she will tank the first 30ml but once she isn't starving anymore she sticks out her tounge and pushes her bottle away. So she was
drinking 30mls at a time for us. But Friday night we thought we'd give 100mls down the tube to keep her going through the night, while Mark was brushing his teeth ready for bed she brought the whole lot up all over her Moses basket. Even though her stomach would have been empty she still slept through. So we decided on Saturday to stick with feeding on demand, better for her to have a little and keep it down rather than force fed a large amount and bringing it all up.
It was frustrating, she used to be so good with her bottle but since she was tube fed for so long (November to January) she seems to have lost all interest in her bottle. It wasn't such an issue with Osh as he was on baby rice by the time he was 13 weeks...but we're not "allowed" to try Martha on solids yet.
We also decided to take Martha off Ranitidine and Domperidone, seeing as though they didn't make much of a difference to Martha's vomiting. Strangely though Martha hasn't vomited since Friday night - which is a record for her.
I was ready for Mothers Day, I was ready to be spoilt...that's a huge lie - I was just grateful that I was still a mother of three. Mark had some work to do Sunday morning, I waited in bed till 10am but no panad ever materialised. We had family over for the weekend so the kids had a late night and I was up before them - I put a load of washing on the line while I waited for them to wake up. I got some lovely cards and a few bits, but my favourite present was the new Belinda Carlisle CD - which I made everyone listen to in the car on the way to Llandudno.
Marks Grandparents and Auntie & Uncle came with us for a walk along the promenade before we met with my parents and Grandparents for Mother's Day lunch at a hotel. With there being so many of us we were given a room by ourselves at the Hotel (I love it when they do that, less pressure to keep Isabella at the table then)
It's now Tuesday night, we have an appointment with the Paediatrician in the morning - marvellous. I'm going because we have to, but I'm going to take everything she says with a pinch of salt - there is nothing she can tell me that I don't already know about Martha. I'm just hoping that she has looked through Martha's notes and understands her condition, that she'll take Martha as she is in her own merit and not pit her against heart healthy babies of the same age. 

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