12 week jabs

Only 21 weeks late but Martha Grace finally had her 12 week jabs on Friday afternoon. I didn't worry about jabs with Osh & Isabella; even though other parents would warn me that they might become irritable for a few days after having them...mine weren't. I'd dose them up on Calpol straight away and then we'd go shopping.

So I wasn't worried about Martha being cranky after her jabs - being cranky was the least of my worries. Her Cardiologist recommended that she should be immunised just like any other baby so I know she was safe to have them; but if she were to become really ill after her jabs I'd always blame myself. *Touch wood* so far she's been grand.
I made my Nain take her in; I can sit next to Martha with her chest wide open and watch blood drip through her chest drains...but I can not sit with her when she's having a new NG tube or injections. I sat outside in the waiting room until I could hear Martha crying - I knew they must have been done so I went in for cuddles and to get her dressed. I strapped her up in her car seat and took her home for Calpol; she was in a great mood for the rest of the afternoon.

We gave her some more Calpol at 8pm that night aswell just in case she spiked a temperature. She drank her bottle as usual, slept through the night, was in great spirits - you never would have thought she'd just had her jabs.
More of the same in 4 weeks time for your 16 week jabs please Martha Grace.

PS. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen these photos already!!!

Smiles for her big sister Isabella