A quiet week, a lovely weekend

It's been a very quiet week in our house, which I must say is a relief. Kids have behaved, Martha had put weight on by Thursday and hasn't been sick much until this morning when she tugged on the NG tube and vomited all over Mark.
I went to Dunelm Mill with my Mam and the girls on Friday, had a spot of lunch in the cafe and bought a few more bits for the house.
I was hoping the weather would be nice this weekend but it's been quite dull. On Saturday we took the kids to Llanfairfechan. I went there a lot when I was little, they have swings and slides and a paddling pool for the summer. Osh wanted to test out his new scooter and we let Isabella bring her Dolly in her pram for a walk,
Martha was supposed to sleep in her pram but she was awake the whole time. It was freezing there, the wind was really cold; luckily there is a cafe there and we all had a Panad and Hot Chocolate before heading home.
Sunday was a more laid back affair, I made Pancakes for breakfast and for a change - I made the Roast for lunch rather than Dinner. I think I'll do that more often now as it was so much nicer not having to rush to do the dishes and get the kids bathed and put to bed this evening.
Now we're ready for another week of normal family things, couldn't have imagined a weekend like this back in December.

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