As I type this blog post I am sat up in bed with a panad, a bar of Galaxy and a packet of Quavers. This time yesterday I didn't think I'd be this relaxed by tonight - I couldn't even see past lunchtime today.

Martha Grace had her first outpatients appointment today since she was discharged a little over 5 weeks ago. To say that I was nervous is an understatement. I know I will still have the same sickening feeling before every appointment regardless of how old Martha is; I know that my Mam still gets nervous before my Brother's appointment to this day - and he's 22 now.

She was weighed first and thankfully she had put on 200g since last Thursday - so now weighs 5.14Kg. 

Next she was given a Physical examination and Karina; the Cardiology Registrar who has seen Martha
countless times previously, was happy that Clinically - Martha looked really well. Her Liver is still 1.5cm though - but considering it was 5cm at the beginning of the year...

Then came the part I'd been dreading the most - The ECHO. I can not stay in the same room while Martha has an ECHO, so Mark and Mam had the pleasure of trying to pacify a screaming hungry Baby while I sat outside with my stomach in knots. 

What the ECHO showed today was that; there is still some muscle thickness in the right Ventricle, her left Atrium is also still dilated. But today's measurement's are the same as they were the day before we brought her home...so although it's not getting better - it isn't getting any worse either. We'll just keep her on her diuretics for now and see how she gets on.

Final test of the day was ECG - which showed normal Heart Rhythm, followed by a Pacemaker check which hadn't recorded any unusual activity (HR of above 220bpm or below 100bpm) and a battery longevity of 7 years minimum.

They are now happy for us to continue as we are and have a follow up appointment in 2 - 3 months. She should have her 12 and 16 week jabs which she missed out on while in Hospital. We were hoping to be allowed to start feeding her solids but as she has been having Vomiting episodes recently - they want us to wait a while yet. But I can live with that.

What they want to do for Martha is try to get her off the Amiodarone (a drug used to slow the heart down) which she has been taking since she went in to Atrial Fibrillation back in November. In order to determine whether or not this is possible she needs to have a 24hr ECG booked for her next appointment.
So tonight - yes I can quite confidently say that I am relieved. I can relax for the next couple of months. 

Me and Mark have booked to go away to the Lake District next weekend...a Birthday and Anniversary treat - to celebrate the fact that we're still together even though life dealt us a really cruel blow last year. 

Martha Grace deserves a Party in her honour. She is amazing.

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