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We thought we had plenty of time to get our new house ready before the new baby arrived. I wasn't concerned that by the time we completed on the 1st May 2013 - I would be 5 months pregnant. But on the 16th April our world turned upside down when we heard our unborn baby girl had a heart condition; with appointments in London and a date for induction pencilled in for mid-August - suddenly we realised we were being ambitious.
We soldiered on with the move, decorated as many rooms as we could before any of the "big" furniture was moved in and anything that wasn't urgent was put on the back burner.
This is the first house we've owned. While it remains to be seen whether or not this is our "forever" house
one thing that's certain is that for now - this is our Home. This is where we will raise our children, where they are safe and loved and this is our safe haven from the outside world; now that we are all together again under one roof I want it to feel that way.

There are hardly any pictures of us and/ or the children hanging from the walls which upsets me immensely, I love taking photo's. The kids toys are in a pile in a corner. We have a lovely fireplace but the chimney breast is screaming out for an oversized mirror. There is no organisation and nothing has a home.
So over this next year this is what I want to change. I don't want to do it all at once, just bits and bobs here and there every now and again.
I started it today. Me, my Mam and the girls headed out for a browse to the shops. We've had our Sofa's since August and we haven't found any cushions for them yet, but I found some today that I thought would look lovely for our living room...so I bought them. And a few photo frames to hang in the living room alcove...And a table cloth to match the colour scheme of our kitchen.
I'm hoping that this will leave me feeling inspired and that I will continue to add little touches to make this our home, after all - that is what Mother's do isn't it.

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