Martha Grace with her Nainy

We've been home for just over two weeks now, yet I am acting as though we only came home yesterday. I have no energy and no routine.
At the moment Mark is getting up to get himself ready for work and Osh ready for school, on his way to work he takes Osh to my Mam's house who will then take Osh to school for 9am. Mam is then in my house by 9:15am to help me get the girls ready for the day and I am still in my PJ's and dressing gown.
But mam is going back to work soon so I need to stop relying on her as much as I do. I managed perfectly from September to November and I was on my own most days with both girls doing the morning and
afternoon school run and the cleaning, washing and cooking would get done. At the moment I can't see myself getting back to this.

This is why I love blogging, I've sat here typing this and it's made me realise that all I am doing is complaining about the situation when what I should be doing is getting a grip on myself and setting up some kind of routine. That is the only way things will get back to the way they were.
I will start by going to bed at a reasonable hour, especially as seeing how Martha is still having a 4am feed.
I will get up at least 15mins before the kids so I have time for a quick panad, hopefully this will give me fuel for a couple of hours and I can potter around while the kids eat breakfast.
I will take Osh to school in the mornings.
When we get back home I won't sit down to watch telly for "just 10mins" - because before I know it I would have wasted an hour and any motivation I may have had will be lost.
I will keep myself busy all morning so that when the girls nap in the afternoon my chores will be done and I can have a guilt free sit down to watch telly or catch up on twitter with a panad.
I'll admit that I am a nightmare when it comes to early starts, but when the mornings start to become lighter over the next few weeks I'm hoping it will help.
Or my mam will have to take early retirement and become my full time nanny.

**Martha weighed 4.51Kg on the day we left Great Ormond Street. Last Friday she had put some weight one and was 4.76Kg. But after her vomiting episodes during this last week she's dropped down to 4.71Kg - which is only 50g considering how many feeds she's missed; but it's just one more thing to worry about isn't it.

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