As Mark and my Best Friend, Elin will tell you - I love taking photo's! If you look through any of my photo albums either online or at home then you won't see me in any of them; Mark looks like the best single Father in the world taking his kids for all these lovely days out all by himself. But I am quite happy with my little camera; trying to capture the illusive "perfect photo".
As a Christmas gift to myself this year I bought myself a new camera. I would have loved a DSLR but at the moment I don't have the time or money for such an investment. But the one I did get is capable of doing fancy things eg. I can send pics straight from my camera to my phone or even send them in an email.
I'm no David Bailey, my photo's are not amazing- but I am learning. I guess it's just a hobby that I would like
to take up seriously one day. For now it's a way of recording our family growing up.


PS. Here are some photo's of Isabella at the weekend. I told her to jump on the bed and tried to take an "action shot" without the image being blurry.

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