A Special Birthday

I was the first Granchild for my Nain and Taid. Amazingly I was also born on my Nain's birthday so it's a day we've always shared. This year was a very important Birthday for Nain as she turned 70. A family meal was organised for the whole family; her husband, her children, her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

After the success of Isabella's birthday cake, me and Elin we're put in charge of the all important milestone cake. We scoured the inherent for inspiration and came across an amazing rose design on Pinterest. We had a nagging feeling that we were being a tad ambitious but we decided to give it a go. I was in charge of making the two 10inch sponge sandiwch (Gluten Free) and Elin was in charge of making 160 fondant icing roses.

Each time we make a cake together we learn something new; this time we learnt that we shouldn't make a
cake on the same day it's needed - we had two disasters:-
1) The Kenwood Chef went "bang" so we had to send Elin out to steal Mam's hand mixer,
2) 160 roses were not enough to cover our cake.

We really were up against the clock, there was colours to be mixed, roses to be moulded in to shape and stuck on the cake - we also had to be at the Hotel for 6:30pm and it was a 40 minute drive away when we both needed to shower and get dressed.
We reached the point where we were hating the cake, wishing we could go back to Wednesday and choose a simpler design. When we were finally finished we bundled the cake in a box and Elin was to take it with her to the Venue.

I was worried that the sponge would be soggy, that the roses would have started to fall off and that Nain wouldn't have the cake we wanted her to have. Each time anyone went near it during the meal I was a nervous wreck that any movement would cause a rose to fall off. But when the time came for singing "Happy Birthday" the cake looked good. We had a "70" wedged between the roses which leaked all over my cousin's hand as he carried the cake over to our Grandmother. 
She was made up.

Saturday night was the first time our Family have been together since Martha Grace came home from Hospital - that in itself was a celebration worthy of a cake. But for all the meals she's cooked for all of us, all the clothes she's had to sew because we've ripped them, or the times she's collected us from school when we've been sick or had dentist appointments, taken us swimming, the "free childcare" so we could afford to go out to work - ye; it was definitely worth it.

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