A Martha update

Daddy and Martha Grace

Wednesday saw us sheltering in my Mam's from terrible weather. We spent the day keeping an eye out on weather and travel reports, because on Thursday - Martha had her 1st outpatient appointment since she was discharged on the 22nd January.
Once we found out that Virgin had cancelled all services between Bangor and Holyhead from 3pm we decided not to take the risk and cancel our appointment. I called our Health Visitor to see if she could come out to weigh Martha instead.
The previous week Martha had a few vomiting episodes and had lost 50g, although she hasn't vomited much
over this week I was still nervous; failure to gain weight is a sign of Heart Failure.

We plonked her on the scales and stared at the tiny screen as though our eyes can make the numbers climb higher.
She weighed 4.71Kg the week before - so she gained 140g over the week...which is a smidge under 6oz.
Relief!!! We're doing something right.
Martha has been a lot more vocal this week - it's a pleasure to hear her voice. She was on a ventilator for so long that me and Mark were convinced she would have suffered severe damage to her vocal chords.
She's also been quite the clever girl, grabbing her toys and putting them in her mouth. We've been saying since Christmas that she must be teething because she's forever chewing on her hands, and this evening, finally - WE HAVE A FRONT TOOTH!!!
So maybe she is behind on her development, but Martha Grace does things in her own time. She gets her stubbornness from the Redfern side of the family.

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