Sunday at Home

We'd started the week on a "high" what with Martha being moved out of intensive care and in to High Dependency. But by Thursday they had started to show concern over her urine output and the size of her Liver. Martha was grouchy all day, I even stopped a Doctor examining her so she wouldn't be disturbed from her sleep. I'd gotten so worked up that my Mam flagged the Psychologist down to take me for a chat. 

Thursday night they re-started the Millrinone infusion and changed Furosemide back to IV QDS. By Friday her Liver wasn't as bad and her urine output had improved slightly. She was also in a better mood. The plan since then has been to wean the Furosemide while Martha is still on the Millrinone, instead of the other way
around like they did last week.

The Pain Nurse also paid Martha a visit to discuss Martha's Morphine and Chlonodine weaning regime. The thing is that Martha is now on such a low dose of Morphine that it's practically impossible to measure it out in a syringe. She was getting her fix every four hours and getting a 5% decrease each day; now she will continue on the same dose of 0.2ml but 5 doses a day, then 4 times a day, then three times a day and so on and so on - until she is off it completely. Chlonodine will also be weaned in a similar fashion.

Ward rounds had been done early on Saturday morning, our nurse passed on that the Consultant had been happy with Martha Grace, that her Liver had reduced to 3cm from 5cm - so it wasn't retaining as much fluid. 

My Mam, our Nan and Grandad were visiting for the weekend, so I left them in charge and came home with Mark and the Kids on Saturday afternoon. It's been a month since I was last home and after the week I'd had everyone was anxious for me to have a break from the hospital. I'll be completely honest and say that I never feel like I need a break - it's not until I'm making my way back to London do I feel it came at the right time.

I spent the whole day in my PJ's, drinking tea, watching Friends, messing about with the kids... Mark treated us all to a McDonalds for lunch. I even enjoyed washing the dishes after dinner, such a simple chore that I haven't had to do for almost two months; but with Mark drying - it was a pleasure to be able to do such a menial task with my Husband.

So now I'm sitting on the train making my way back to the big smoke, ready to take on whatever Martha Grace wants to launch at me this week.


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